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A Tyre Fitter’s Guide to Motor Trade Insurance

What options are available to Tyre Fitters

Motor trade insurance for tyre fitters is necessary if you work in the motor trade industry. A mechanic that checks and changes tyres for a number of reasons whether it be an MOT, annual check, or even when a current set of tyres needs replacing will require a motor trade insurance policy. In the UK, there is a trend to have both summer and winter tyres ready for each season.

If your business changes tyres for hundreds or thousands of vehicles each year, you will want to have cover in place to protect you for a number of different reasons which we will discuss below. You will be accountable for any work you carry out. For example, if a tyre isn’t suitable and selected incorrectly, air pressure is measured inaccurately, or if a tyre is not fitted properly, a customer may make a claim against your business. These minor details can cause an accident, injury, or a fatality in a worst case scenario.

A tyre fitting business will focus on the work environment and the technical training of its employees to ensure that tyres are fitted to the correct specification and work is assessed accurately. In most cases, staff are highly trained, but mistakes can and will inevitably occur. Your business could face a loss if someone wishes to make a claim against your employees or the business itself. In the event of any unforeseen circumstances, it is essential that you have the right motor trade insurance policy in place.

The best motor trade cover for tyre fitters will not only cover public liability and employee liability. It can encompass several different areas of motor trade insurance. It can include your business premises, tools and equipment for accidental damage, fire, and theft.

Whether you operate a small workshop or a large number of garages, Utility Saving Expert can help you compare all the leading motor trade insurance providers. It’s quick and easy to get an online quote within minutes.

Liability Insurance

Public Liability Insurance

If you have a business premises that your customers visit, as a motor trader you should consider public liability insurance. This type of insurance covers you if one of your customers is injured in an accident or incident while they are on your premises. It can also cover you if one of your customers has an accident or incident that was caused by defective workmanship by you or one of your employees on a vehicle belonging to one of your customers.

Employer’s Liability Insurance

If you have one or more employees, employer’s liability is a legal requirement as a motor trader. It covers you and your business if one of your employees is injured or dies whilst at work. If you are a mobile tyre fitter and need insurance for multiple vehicles, it may also be worth considering cover for your entire fleet.

Product Liability Insurance

Product liability as part of your motor trade insurance gives you cover if a tyre you fit to a customer’s vehicle turns out to be defective and causes an accident or incident as a result. It allows your insurer to sue the manufacturer of the defective tyre.

Combined motor trade Insurance policies

Combined motor trade insurance includes road risk insurance and liability insurances. It also provides cover for things such as your premises, your tools and your business. It is the most comprehensive type of trader insurance policy you can get and provides cover for almost every aspect of your motor trade business under one policy.

This guide covers the specific needs of tyre fitters who require motor trade cover. For more general information and to get Motor Trade Insurance quotes we recommend visiting this page – Motor Trade Insurance | Compare Cheap Traders Insurance Quotes

5 of the Best Hybrid cars you can buy today

The best Hybrid vehicles in 2018


I reckon it is now an open secret that we are getting rid of the Fuel vehicle that has dominated the market for so many Years. The hybrid vehicle that uses both fuel and electricity is the way to go and following the rise in demand, the manufacturers have not disappointed in producing these vehicles. This has also been expedited by the recent government announcement that by 2040 there will be no more purely fuel vehicle will be sold in the market.


Hera is a list of some of the top hybrid vehicles available in the market it 2018



Audi A3 e-Tron – This vehicle makes it on the top of the list because of the fact that it is a nice hatchback that can at the same time be used with the family. To spice it up you will notice that the range of the new model has been enhanced. Even though this ride is costly for an average buyer it is surely what to consider.


BMW i3 – There is nothing negative that can be said about any BMW machine that has graced the market for some time now. Having said that, this model lives just to the billing. It has a very low center of gravity which means that is a very stable car thanks to the fact that it uses a carbon fiber and aluminum plus battery pack. The vehicle runs on a two-cylinder petrol engine that can be used to charge the batteries back up, that can run on full-EV to a total of 124 Miles which is very impressive.


Volvo XC90 T8 – One thing that we will have to admit is that this is not a cheap piece of machine to acquire at the moment. The ride comes with about 27 miles range when on electricity and the ability to emit carbon dioxide. Volvo XC90 T8 is a supercharged petrol engine with a 2.0-litre turbo making it a massive machine. The fact that it is available as a seven-seater might be appealing to most of the organization out there ready to save on some fuel.


Mercedes Benz C-Class C300h – There is no way that you can have a discussion about vehicles and their innovation and not come up with the name Mercedes Benz. This brand of a name has dominated the vehicle industry and seem not to be going anywhere in the near future with the release of this model. It is a hybrid car that emits carbon dioxide. What really stands out of this machine is not only the prestige cabin but also the ability to run on a very low cost.



BMW i8 – BMW has just not stopped with the i3 but also has the BMW i8 a machine which has been compared to a Porsche in so many ways. There is a reason as to why this vehicle has been highly rated and it is mainly because of the style and the hi-tech running gear that not only allows the vehicle to run on a very high speed but also with very low emission.